Sunday, 10 March 2013

Raising Money for Cancer Research!

This week has been a pretty good week for me. I got through another three month check up and am happy to report I am still healthy. (It was on Wednesday, hence no post that day!)

So to celebrate I decided to talk about how I am giving back to the BCCF ( and how it is going so far.

Last year, I participated in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer". It was a huge part of my healing process and getting better after treatment. This event has given me the opportunity to meet several amazing people as well who are "running the ship" so to speak. They truly have a great team of people and I can't thank them enough!

There were two sides to this event for me, physically getting better, and then raising as much money as possible to go to the cancer foundation. Given that I was still going through chemo last year when I did it, I could only really email people in order to get donations, but this year so much more has been done already!

I am excited to say that this year I am a team captain for the same cycling event ( (I do the BC ride, but there are three others!). The team is called "Team Phoenix" ( and is just over ten people strong so far. Collectively we have raised over $13000 for cancer research, and on top of what was raised last year by myself and Sara, we have gotten $20000 into cancer research.

I never thought I would be able to raise as much money for one thing in my life. And perhaps more surprisingly was how generous I learned many people are. When you are working to a great goal, one that really helps people, you find a lot of help in places you may not expect it. Most of the money raised was obtained simply through asking. Unfortunately most people don't need a story to support a cause like this, they have one of their own. But this year too, events have been planned (spin-a-thons, craft fairs, bar nights, selling coffee) and it has been going really well. My goal is for the team to cross $25000, and I think with the great people involved, we will get there.

It is great to see how the money has helped people already. Over the last few years, the money raised through the ride has support breast cancer projects, pancreatic cancer, and imaging equipment. I am a person who has been in imaging equipment that was purchased directly from funds from this event. It is a great feeling to know I am helping others the same way.

Sadly, the ride doesn't exist everywhere, but there are tons of walks, runs, and different events around. I encourage everyone to check out their regional or national cancer agencies (or any other disease) and see how you can help out and give back in any way you can. I will do the ride for as long as I can, and although it is a long ride (Vancouver to Seattle) it is nothing compared to what I went through with cancer. And my belief that this is helping is all the motivation I need to keep going!

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