Friday, 18 October 2013

End of an Era

Hey All,

This blog has meant a lot to me over the last however many months that it has been up and running. I have been able to express some things through writing that I may not of been able to do in other ways. It has been great to "meet" a lot of people along the way as well.

However, writing can be a two edged sword and I know a lot of the things I write can be difficult to read. Painful probably more accurate. I understand that no one wants to see people in pain or hear how hard things can be. Often times, I understand how many of the things I write can come as a surprise to people as I am usually not overly talkative about difficult subjects. I used writing as a way to get some of these out and "get them off my chest" so to speak. This blog was meant to be a way to find some support, not to make people feel bad, give me sympathy or anything like that.

The purpose of this blog was also never to make people upset, hurt peoples feelings or to paint them in a bad light. I feel like a lot of the time I have to apologize for writing a post sometimes and it was never meant to go that way. You should never have to say sorry for having cancer but I feel like I need to. I am sorry for the pain it caused in peoples lives. This was merely a way to express some of the things I have gone through post cancer treatment and to raise awareness of some of these issues.The people who have been around me during cancer treatment helped me through a lot. I hope that is clear. I am sorry for the fact that some of these blog posts have upset people.

Thank you very much for the people who have been reading this blog, the people who found it helpful and for those who I have met through this. I will keep the page up so people can read it if they choose, and maybe one day I will come back to it. Who knows. I will continue to write articles (a bit more frequently) for the Huff post, but may be tackling more general issues for young adults with cancer, rather than my own.

Anyways, I guess that is it for now. Thanks again everyone. Take care.


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  1. Take care to you, too, Eamonn. Blogs are great in that they are here, and we use them as needed - and leave them as needed, too. See you online. Thank you for sharing your stories. I really enjoyed the one where you spoke about watching people race from the sidelines, and then being in the race yourself. ~Catherine