Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Going to Hawaii

Over the holidays, it can be that much more stressful for people who have had cancer, have it, or are caregivers, friends and supporters of all makings. So I decided with this post to kind of talk about something a little more uplifting, and to try and think about some positive things in my life since I have gone through my diagnosis.

The last month has been really hard for me mentally, but I am getting through it, so I thought looking at some "good" things might help out.

When I finished treatment (chemo, surgery and radiation) I needed a break badly, but I didn't get one. Most people are in this boat I think. I went back to work during radiation (was basically useless but what can you do) because I needed the money. My doctor told me if I could, I should take a vacation, but I didn't couldn't. I think most people would like to after chemo, just relax, get better and do some "normal" fun things again.

So I started saving money as I went back to work, getting better and trying to get a few bucks for my honeymoon with Sara that was coming up in August. We decided to go to Hawaii and do everything we wanted to when we were there. I don't think I ever looked forward to something so much. Me and Sara could finally be away from everything (and everyone) and go see a part of the world we never thought we would go to. So in August 2012, we flew to Kona, Hawaii.
View from our condo in Kona
It is very hot in Kona in August, but it is okay, there are plenty of beaches and cool things to see! It was exactly what I needed. The hardest part was being patient to getting there. All during treatment, and all while I was back at work I just wanted to go, but I was either not healthy enough or didn't have the money. And to be honest, I was scared too that I may never get there due to my health condition.
Me and Sara at an active volcano!
But we got there. I got there. I got to experience things I never thought I would, and I probably would have never made the effort to leave work for a bit, and go do something like this before. I always tell people not to be like me, I didn't appreciate things outside of work as much as I do now. I try to take every opportunity I can to travel and see more of the world, and do cool things while I can. With each check up or test, I don't know how my life is going to change, so I need to make each day count. This is also the reason I try to do so much fundraising for cancer research as well these days, to give as many of these days to people as I can.
View of the lava covered coast from a helicopter
One day I really hope to go back to Hawaii (already planning for it!). I loved the place, but I also loved what it meant to me. A step forward, and a step away from cancer. I did that as best as I could when I was sick too, doing things I enjoyed, like watching movies, or reading sports magazines, they don't always have to be as grand as traveling to some place far away. I learned to enjoy each day best I could when I was sick, even on the worst days (sleeping through the whole day = successful day when I was in lots of pain). So just do the best you can with each day, that is all I tried to do, and all I am still trying to do.
Photography Skills, I was in a moving car
Hope everyone out there has a good holiday season, and take care of yourselves. Just added a few extra pics below that I really enjoy. Take care!


Me on an old lava flow ~1970's

Some coastline on the way from Kona to Hilo

Greatest burger ever found in Kona

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  1. Great post - I am in full agreement on enjoying what we can, while we can. Travelling is a lovely way to do this . . . but yeah, even the little things are good. Sleeping in. Meeting friends. Wearing very thick socks. All good, and all worth a little extra attention. Happy holidays! ~Catherine