Sunday, 14 April 2013

Today I Felt Much Better than this Day Last Year

Today was a big day for working towards the fund raiser that I care about so much. The Ride to Conquer Cancer ( Had a nice long bike ride of a little over 50 km. The weather was great an my leg felt great too.

It really was nice, I really enjoy how much better I feel this year than last. It was a huge difference from the year before. Training last year (2012) was so hard. I thought I had really just been bad at riding a bike. Every once and awhile I get a big reality check of how sick I used to be. 

Today, I did a ride through Richmond with two of my team mates. This was a ride I did the year before and I remember how difficult it was. It was long, it was windy, and there were long gradual hills. I remembered being just totally gassed at the end of it. Honestly, I was pretty concerned about doing this ride again today.

Today it was exactly the opposite. I felt good the whole day. I had one of those moments when I realized how far I have come. The ride was not too bad, the weather was great, and most surprisingly, I felt really good. It wasn't nearly as miserable as I had remembered it to be. Obviously, because of how much a year has made me better.

How long will I feel this well. That is something I don't really know. No one does, but people who have been sick seem to be a bit more concerned than others I know. But at least on this day I am starting to think that maybe it does get a little better. And I hope my good fortune continues.

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